WSIS Forum 2017 – 12-16 June

The IEEE Internet Initiative participated in the World Summit on the Information Society WSIS Forum 2017 in Geneva, 12-16 June. The Forum represented the world’s largest annual gathering of the ‘Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for development’ community, gathering global multi-stakeholders to discuss the role of ICTs as a means of implementation for the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


WSIS Forum 2017 High Level Statement delivered by IEEE President Karen Bartleson

ITU interview with IEEE President Karen Bartleson at WSIS Forum 2017

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WSIS Forum 2017 photos by ITU Pictures

IEEE’s position statement, “Building a Sustainable Global Information Society,” shares its vision of a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented information society as outlined by the UN through WSIS. As part of its commitment to working with all categories of stakeholders to implement the WSIS vision, IEEE participated in the following WSIS Forum 2017 programs:

First-ever WSIS Hackathon

IEEE co-sponsored the WSIS Forum 2017 Hack for Health on 11-12 June. At the first-ever WSIS hackathon, student teams developed innovative technology solutions to reduce exposure to common risk factors for non-communicable diseases in middle- and lower-income countries and to promote smart, healthy cities.

The WSIS Forum Hack for Health was presented by WSIS Forum, organized in association with ITU and IEEE in collaboration with Be He@lthy, Be Mobile (ITU-WHO).


ITU podcast on WSIS Hack for Health

IEEE WSIS Forum Hack for Health - 11-12 June 20017 in Geneva Twitter Moment

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IEEE intervention at High Level Policy Segment

IEEE President Karen Bartleson delivered IEEE’s intervention at the High Level Policy segment of the meeting on 13 June. Policy Statements are delivered by high-ranking officials of the WSIS stakeholder community, representing the government, private sector, civil society, academia and international organizations. Bartleson shared IEEE’s support for the WSIS process and working together with stakeholders to develop tangible and actionable programs.

IEEE facilitated High-level Policy Sessions

IEEE Technology Policy and International Affairs Senior Advisor Justin Caso served as a High Level Track Facilitator (HLTF) representing the Technical Community for 13-14 June WSIS Forum sessions, which were organized around themes identified as important by the WSIS stakeholders.

Inclusiveness – Access to Information and Knowledge for All High-Level Policy Session

Ethical Dimensions of ICTs Thematic Workshop

In this session, IEEE moderated a Technical Community panel that discussed raising awareness about the ethical dimensions of information technology with a focus on security and privacy.

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WSIS Prize Ceremony Honors IEEE SIGHT Project in Tunisia

The IEEE SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) Tawasol project will be recognized during a 13 June WSIS Forum ceremony as one of 90 Champions in the prestigious WSIS Prizes contest. WSIS stakeholders voted for nominees to honor outstanding projects that leverage the power of ICT to accelerate socio-economic development. 

IEEE Tunisia, IEEE Internet Initiative, International Connector and People Centered Internet are collaborators with IEEE SIGHT on the project. Tawasol was designed to create an internet-empowered next generation throughout Tunisia – starting with schools and scaling to reach surrounding communities to increase awareness among families, businesses and local community leaders.

ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao recognized the IEEE SIGHT team from Tunisia for placing third in the inaugural WSIS Forum Hack for Health.

Overview video about the Tawasol project.