Algorithmic Decision Making — Webinar

algoritmic decision making webinar Thursday, 7 December 2017

Replay of the Algorithmic Decision Makingwebinar is available.


Algorithms, whether analog or digital, are now enmeshed in our lives and our world. As such, humans have become bound to the outcomes of the decisions made by the algorithms we create, affecting life in ways previously unimagined. 

This webinar explores the impact of various aspects of algorithmic decision making in such diverse areas as food production, energy, and natural resource management, healthcare, transportation and traffic…to name just a few.

Together, the authors of a forthcoming white paper on this critical topic examine issues of trust, fairness, and data biases; accountability and traceability; key performance indicator (KPI) measurements, and reliability; ethics and societal implications; and how to educate people about the role automated decision making now plays.

Presented by Algorithmic Decision Making white paper authors Pamela Pavliscak and Jared Bielby.

Read “Trusting Machines Requires Transparency,” a related Q&A with Pavliscak in the IEEE Beyond Standards blog. 


Pamela PavliscakPamela Pavliscak
Founder, Change Sciences

Pamela is founder of Change Sciences, a future insights firm, where she works with organizations to envision a human future for technology. She is a faculty member at Pratt Institute’s School of Information where she teaches the next generation of tech designers. She has written for Quartz, Mashable, and Smashing and has spoken at SXSW, TEDx, Web Summit, and NEXT. Designing for Happiness, her first book, is forthcoming from O’Reilly. She is a committee member, IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems, and she also leads the IEEE Internet Initiative’s Algorithmic Decision Making white paper research group. She is currently working on her next book about emotion and artificial intelligence.

Jared BielbyJared Bielby
President, Netizen Consulting Ltd.

Jared is the President of Netizen Consulting Ltd., an incorporated consulting and project management research group focused on developments in digital culture. He is an active consultant and project manager for initiatives in information ethics and internet governance and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Freelance Netizen. He currently serves as Co-Chair for the International Center for Information Ethics and editor for the International Review of Information Ethics. Jared moderates IEEE’s Collabratec Internet Technology Policy community (IEEE-ITP) where he manages several projects for IEEE’s Internet Initiative. He also chairs the IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative committee on Classical Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. Jared completed his BA in Religion & Theology at King’s University College and a double MA/MLIS in Digital Humanities at the University of Alberta.


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