Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access — Webinar

Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access webinar Thursday, 7 June 2018

Replay of the Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access webinar is available. 


Global efforts towards achieving universal internet access are encouraging, however many obstacles and challenges to providing this commodity for all global citizens still exist. In answer to the challenges posed, a number of authors from the IEEE Internet Technology Policy community have recently published a white paper identifying five challenges in providing universal internet access:

  • Infrastructure
  • Cost
  • Digital literacy
  • Location and Availability
  • Disinterest

In this webinar, Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access white paper authors post potential solutions for each challenge, and provide an overview of their findings that summarizes their research.  


Helen Anne Hicks, Lecturer, North Park UniversityHelen Anne Hicks
Lecturer, North Park University

Born and raised in Chicago, Helen earned a B.S. and an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She is currently an adjunct instructor at North Park University in Chicago. Helen has traveled to Nicaragua twice with an American NGO, where she helped install off-grid solar electricity in two rural villages that were too far from the traditional infrastructure. Her ongoing doctoral dissertation from Walden University (expected 2018) focuses on the topic of bringing the internet to rural areas in Central America using off-grid renewable energy sources to first bring electricity to these rural villages.

Sukanya MandalSukanya Mandal
Independent Researcher, Data Science

Sukanya is a Data Science professional based out of India. She is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Internet Governance and Data Governance and spends most of her time researching, learning and experimenting on these topics. An avid internet user, her interests include cybersecurity, universal internet access, ethical technology, Women in Engineering/STEM, technology education and a seamless world of human - technology coexistence. She likes writing blogs and has published blog posts on blogging platforms ODSC and C# corner. She has recently co-authored a number of collaboratively published white papers for the IEEE Internet Initiative, including "Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access", "Algorithmic Decision Making", “Protecting Internet Traffic: Security Challenges and Solutions” and “Internet of Things Security Best Practices”. At present, she is also a member of the IEEE P7003 SA group and also contributing to the same. She holds a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree focused in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Jared BielbyJared Bielby
Jared Bielby, Co-chair, International Center for Information Ethics

Jared is the President of Netizen Consulting Ltd., an incorporated consulting and project management research group focused on developments in digital culture. He is an active consultant and project manager for initiatives in information ethics and internet governance and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Freelance Netizen. As an Information Ethicist, Jared chairs the International Center for Information Ethics and acts as lead editor for the International Review of Information Ethics. Jared also moderates IEEE's Collabratec Internet Technology Policy community where he manages several projects for IEEE's Internet Initiative. In addition to his work for the Internet Initiative, Jared chairs the IEEE Global AI Ethics Initiative committee on Classical Ethics in Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Jared received a double MA/MLIS from the University of Alberta, Canada.


Christopher Jannuzzi