IEEE ETAP Forum in Namibia to Explore Cybersecurity-related Challenges and Solutions

30 May IEEE ETAP Forum, part of IST-Africa Week 2017, to convene technology and policy experts
to discuss combatting cybercrime while advancing internet inclusion for all

PISCATAWAY, N.J., USA, 11 May 2017 – IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, today announced it will host the IEEE Experts in Technology and Policy (ETAP) Forum on 30 May in Windhoek, Namibia, as part of the 12th annual IST-Africa Week 2017 (30 May-2 June). This will be the first IEEE ETAP Forum in Africa.

Taking place at the Safari Hotel Conference Centre, this multi-stakeholder workshop — organized by the IEEE Internet Initiative in cooperation with IST-Africa — is bringing together technology developers, policy makers and other representatives from the public, private, education and research, societal and funding sectors. As well as sharing experiences and good practices, participants will discuss issues, barriers and opportunities associated with achieving a safe, secure, trusted, affordable internet for all. This objective is a key enabler of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Members of the media, technology developers, policy makers and other representatives of public, private, education and research, societal, funding and international donor stakeholders in the region are encouraged to attend; capacity is limited, however, and an invitation is required. Those interested in actively contributing to the discussion at the IEEE ETAP Forum, please contact the IST-Africa Secretariat at

Topics to be addressed in keynote remarks, panel and working-group discussions during the IEEE ETAP Forum include:

  • Combating cybercrime while maximizing internet inclusion for all
  • Balancing privacy concerns while combating cybercrime
  • Multi-stakeholder internet governance
  • Public awareness and education on internet safety and cybercrime
  • Developing/operationalizing legal frameworks and strategies related to national cybersecurity, cybercrime and internet governance
  • Trends in cyberattacks and cybercrime
  • Data protection and privacy in the era of internet of things (IoT)
  • National computer incident response team (CIRT) development
  • Developing critical information infrastructure protection frameworks
  • Security audits of information systems in public administration
  • National public key infrastructure (PKI) development

Scheduled speakers at the IEEE ETAP Forum include:

  • Towela Nyirenda–Jere, Principal Programme Officer, Regional Integration Infrastructure and Trade, NEPAD Agency, South Africa
  • Prof Basie von Solms, Centre for Cyber Security, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Njei Check, Agence Nationale des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication, Cameroon

Please visit the IEEE Internet Initiative website for the most up to date agenda

The flagship event of the IST-Africa Initiative, IST-Africa Week brings together senior representatives from leading public, private, education and research, societal, funding and international donor organizations from around the world to discuss innovation, science and technology-related policy, showcase research results and share knowledge related to sustainable development.

IST-Africa Week 2017  (30 May-2 June) is hosted by the Government of Namibia, supported by the European Commission and African Union Commission and technical co-sponsored by IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, IEEE Region 8 and IEEE South Africa Section. Confirmed keynote speakers include: His Excellency Dr. Nickey Iyambo, Vice President, Republic of Namibia; Hon. Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi, Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Namibia; Hon. Tjekero Tweya, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Namibia; H.E. Ambassador Jana Hybaskova, European Union Delegation to Namibia; Festus K. Mbandeka, CEO, Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia, and Dr. Eino Mvula, CEO, National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (IST-Africa Partner for Namibia). View the most up to date program.

“We are thrilled to convene the first IEEE ETAP Forum in Africa,” said Oleg Logvinov, chair of the IEEE Internet Initiative. “It’s crucial that these events occur in the regions where innovation is blossoming, so that connections are made between developers of global technologies with experts in the local policy and development landscapes. In fact, because of the continent’s highly diverse markets from nation to nation and, in some cases, tremendous variation even within a given country, the understanding of localized needs is the key to unlocking the full potential of technology driven ecosystems in Africa.”

Similar IEEE Internet Initiative events have been convened in China, India, Israel and the United States. The IEEE ETAP Forum series provides a unique, neutral platform for collaboration among engineers, scientists, industry leaders, and others engaged in an array of technology, policy, and industry domains around the world—to the collective benefit of all stakeholders. The events help both to boost knowledge about technology and its implications and impact on internet governance issues and to improve awareness of public policy issues and processes in the global technical community.

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