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Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions

IEEE convenes experts to outline collaborative roadmaps and progress toward connecting the unconnected to the internet.

WSIS Forum 2017

Register for the IEEE WSIS Forum Hack for Health which will convene technologists at the WSIS Forum 2017 in Geneva to develop innovative technology solutions to reduce exposure to common risk factors for non-communicable diseases in middle- and lower-income countries to promote smart, healthy cities.

Introducing Blockchain

Recorded Webinar
Learn where blockchain technology sits in the technical landscape, the main elements of Bitcoin and the blockchain lexicon.

Featured Articles

Confused About Blockchain? IEEE Webinar Is Here to Explain

Confused About Blockchain? IEEE Webinar Is Here to Explain
The Institute shares how the system that enables Bitcoin transactions could be used to better secure the internet.

IEEE IoT Talks: George Corser
In this IEEE Talks IoT Q&A, George Corser explores key considerations for security in a variety of IoT applications.

How we can connect 4 billion people to the internet and save money
“Historically we considered roads, water and electricity as infrastructure, but that is no longer enough,” USAID’s Ann Mei Chang.

Underscored Updates

IEEE Technology Policy Community White Papers

IEEE Technology Policy Community White Papers
Three new papers describe IoT security best practices, protecting internet traffic, and options for providing universal access.

News: IEEE Convenes Internet Inclusion Experts
25 April livestreamed briefing includes Vint Cerf, presentations from collaborating working groups.

Building a Sustainable Global Information Society
IEEE position statement shares the vision of a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented information society as outlined by the UN.

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