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Introducing Blockchain

Introducing Blockchain

Recorded Webinar
Learn where blockchain technology sits in the technical landscape, the main elements of Bitcoin and the blockchain lexicon.

IEEE Tech for Humanity Series @ SXSW

Austin, Texas
12 March 2017
Join two IEEE sessions on expanding global internet opportunities: Vint Cerf: An Internet for and by the People and IEEE and PCI Future of the Internet Meet Up.

Featured Articles

IEEE Joins Global Leaders at Internet Governance Forum

IEEE Joins Global Leaders at Internet Governance Forum
In The Institute blog, Karen McCabe describes IEEE’s participation in IGF 2016 sessions to help enable inclusive and sustainable growth.

IEEE IoT Talks: George Corser
In this IEEE Talks IoT Q&A, George Corser explores key considerations for security in a variety of IoT applications.

How we can connect 4 billion people to the internet and save money
“Historically we considered roads, water and electricity as infrastructure, but that is no longer enough,” USAID’s Ann Mei Chang.

Underscored Updates

person on microphone at igf 2016

IGF 2016 Video

Creating an internet-empowered generation in Tunisia – starting with schools.

Building a Sustainable Global Information Society
IEEE position statement shares the vision of a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented information society as outlined by the UN.

Blockchain Beyond the Hype
Distributed Magazine
Greg Adamson shares how blockchain relates to IEEE’s interest in improving technology for the benefit of humanity.

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