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Mission Statement

Raise IEEE’s influence and profile in global technology policy in the areas of Internet governance, cybersecurity and cyberprivacy policy development by providing a consensus of sound technical and scientific knowledge and guidance to the process.

oleg logvinovWelcome to the IEEE Internet Initiative, a cross-organizational, multi-domain community that connects technologists and policymakers from around the world to foster a better understanding of, and to improve decisions affecting, Internet governance, cybersecurity, and privacy issues. Regardless of the specific areas of Internet-related technology and policy you work in, nearly everyone has a stake in the future of Internet governance and the related issues of cybersecurity and privacy. As chairman of the IEEE Internet Initiative, I’d like to personally invite you to make a difference and urge you to join these efforts. Both technologists and policymakers can derive practical benefits from learning more about each other’s perspectives, challenges and opportunities. For technologists, an advanced awareness of public policy issues should lead to the development of sound technical solutions and best practices. For policymakers, access to technologists and an improved grasp of technology will help clarify the trade-offs inherent in related public policy choices and decisions.

To help technologists and policymakers accomplish these and other goals, the IEEE – recognized for its open, transparent, collaborative processes – is convening neutral platforms to support mutually beneficial dialogue and engage other pertinent stakeholders. The IEEE Internet Initiative website, for instance, offers a one-stop destination for current news, upcoming events, recent publications, and a growing trove of rich resources. Other key related activities, include:

  • supporting and facilitating the development of open standards to address cybersecurity and privacy challenges;
  • working to identify societal implications of alternative technology policy solutions;
  • monitoring the technology policy landscape;
  • supporting, collaborating and partnering with Internet ecosystem entities, and
  • connecting stakeholders to a comprehensive framework of conferences, educational programs, and standards.

By becoming a member of the IEEE Internet Technology Policy Community, you can inform discussion and debate of critical global Internet governance issues and contribute to better decisions affecting our shared future. Please contact us and let us know your specific areas of interest, concerns and questions about the IEEE Internet Initiative. Dialogue with all interested stakeholders is an essential element of our mission.

Please join us!

Oleg Logvinov
Chairman, IEEE Internet Initiative
IEEE IoT Initiative Steering Committee
Chair, IEEE P2413
Contact us: IEEE Internet Initiative

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