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Working Groups

Learn more about IEEE Internet Inclusion Working Groups and how participants are helping advance solutions to connect more than half of the world’s population that is not connected to the internet today.

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Internet Policy in the Age of Machine Learning
White paper authors examine the growing use of machine learning and AI in the internet, including the impact of development on current and future internet policies.

Internet Governance Forum
Representatives from IEEE will participate in discussions about “The Internet of Trust” at IGF 2018 in Paris Nov. 12-14.

Closing the Gender Digital Divide
Q&A with Working Group Chairs Peter Micek and Ursula Wynhoven.

Global Internet Access is Even Worse Than Dire Reports Suggest
In WIRED, Peter Micek, IEEE Gender Digital Divide Working Group co-chair said: “It’s not geography, it’s not mountain ranges, it’s lack of political power in a lot of cases that’s determining access.”

In Memory of Manu Bhardwaj
We are saddened by the recent passing of Manu Bhardwaj, who greatly contributed to IEEE’s efforts to improve internet inclusion.