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algorithmic decision making webinar

IGF 2017
See reports and recordings from IEEE-led sessions during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva 18-21 December.

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions — Washington
IEEE hosted its fourth Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions event in Washington, D.C. on 16 October. Watch event showcase videos on IEEE.tv. and read the event report.

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions — India
Leaders discussed internet inclusion issues at IEEE’s 6 October workshop, a pre-event leading up to the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017 on 23-24 November in New Delhi. Read the event report.

Featured Articles

IGF 2017

IEEE’s IGF 2017 Participation
The Institute blog post recounts IEEE’s diverse perspectives in discussions that addressed shaping future policies at December’s Internet Governance Forum.

How to achieve internet for all
Devex article shares “What we learned in 2017” including key ideas from IEEE Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions October event.

Trusting Machines Requires Transparency
A Q&A with Pamela Pavliscak in the IEEE Beyond Standards blog explores considerations and challenges for algorithmic decision making.

Underscored Updates

Advancing Internet Inclusion Q&A

UN Report on IGF Main Session
Karen McCabe represented IEEE in an IGF 2017 discussion on “Digitization, Automation, and Employment Issues,” exploring the socio-economic and labor impacts of digital transformation.

Algorithmic Decision Making Webinar
Authors of a forthcoming white paper explored the impact of various aspects of algorithmic decision making. A replay of the webinar is available now.

Internet Inclusion: Advancing Solutions — Washington Recap
Five-minute video shares 16 October IEEE event participants’ interviews and insights.

Advancing Internet Inclusion Q&A  
IEEE Working Group leaders share points toward progress on digital literacy, public access, community networks, and closing the digital gender divide.

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