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Working Groups

Learn more about IEEE Internet Inclusion Working Groups and how participants are helping advance solutions to connect more than half of the world’s population that is not connected to the internet today.

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Underscored Updates

Universal Access White Paper

Expanding energy and internet inclusion
In POWERGRID International, Karen McCabe explains the potential transformation in quality of life for the unconnected and efficiencies if both energy and internet inclusion are expanded in tandem.

In Support of Strong Encryption
In a new position statement, IEEE supports the use of unfettered strong encryption to protect confidentiality and integrity of data and communications.

Progress toward internet inclusion
Q&A with Deepak Maheshwari describes the IEEE Internet Initiative’s progress on the path to help connect the unconnected to the internet.

Universal Access Webinar
IEEE webinar replay explores Options and Challenges in Providing Universal Access. Authors of a related white paper explain five challenges and potential solutions.

Cybersecurity challenges in Africa
In Telecoms Tech News, Maike Luiken explores how cybersecurity challenges remain a roadblock toward internet inclusion in Africa.