The IEEE Internet Technology Policy (ITP) Community is a global group of interested stakeholders who are an essential part of the IEEE Internet Initiative’s mission to provide a collaborative platform for advancing solutions and informing global technology policymaking through a consensus of sound technical and scientific knowledge in the areas of internet governance, cybersecurity, privacy, and inclusion for all.

The ITP Community connects engineers, scientists, industry leaders, and others engaged in an array of technology and industry domains with policy experts to promote innovative solutions for a trustworthy and inclusive internet by contributing technical expertise and resources to global and regional policy discussions and providing a platform for collaborative development of action-oriented and implementable outputs.

Join the IEEE Collabratec™ ITP Community to help global technical and policy communities collaborate to:

IEEE Collabratec™ ITP Community

  • Inform, debate, share findings, and improve decisions
  • Help foster trustworthy technology solutions and best practices
  • Enable bi-directional dialogue to encourage online collaboration and information exchange
  • Connect through global conferences and workshops on internet governance, cybersecurity, privacy, and internet inclusion