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Karen McCabe

Karen McCabe

Senior Director, Technology Policy and International Affairs, IEEE Standards Association

At IEEE, Karen McCabe leads efforts to build and connect communities working in the technology policy ecosystem, where her focus is on the development and promotion of collaborative strategies that produce impactful outcomes among muliti-stakeholders to help advance technology for society and humanity benefit. McCabe has over 20 years of experience working at the nexus of mission-driven organizations, industry, NGO and government bodies to raise awareness, to educate and to build capacity among stakeholders in the technology sphere.

Through her career, McCabe has focused on projects and initiatives to expand global footprint, build communities, develop and execute integrated communications and global outreach programs and build and nurture relationships. During the last 20 years, she has held various leadership and senior management positions in the technology sector, with a specific focus in the global standards and technology development domain that is rooted in openness, transparency and inclusiveness. After graduating from Kean University, degreed in communications, McCabe initiated her career working in the engineering and technology space as a communications professional.

Today, McCabe is engaged in efforts in Internet governance, ethics and technology and global standards in trade and policy. McCabe is a member of the OECD Internet Technical Advisory and the Internet Society and works with an array of organizations and bodies to connect technologists, industry leaders and policy makers.

Oleg Logvinov

Oleg Logvinov

IEEE Internet Initiative Chair and President and CEO of IoTecha Corporation

In January 2015, Oleg Logvinov was appointed as the chair of the IEEE Internet Initiative, which connects engineers, scientists, industry leaders and others engaged in an array of technology and industry domains globally with policy experts to help improve the understanding of technology and its implications and impact on Internet governance issues.

In addition, the Initiative focuses on raising awareness of public policy issues and processes in the global technical community. He is also a past member of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Advisory Group and the IEEE-SA Standards Board. Logvinov also chairs the industry engagement track of the IEEE IoT Initiative and has created a series of worldwide IoT startup competition events.

In March 2016, Logvinov co-founded IoTecha Corporation. Prior to joining IoTecha, Logvinov was a director of special assignments in STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division, where he was deeply engaged in market and technology development activities in the area of industrial Internet of Things (IoT), including the applications of IEEE 1901 powerline communication technology in harsh environments of industrial IoT.

During the last 25 years Logvinov has held various senior technical and executive management positions in the telecommunications and semiconductor industry. After graduating from the Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) with the equivalent of a master’s degree in electrical engineering, he began his carrier as a senior researcher at the R&D Laboratory of the Ukraine Department of Energy at the KPI.

Logvinov actively participates in several IEEE standards development working groups that focus on IoT and communications technologies. He is chair of the IEEE P2413 “Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things” Working Group. He helped found the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and is the past president and CTO of the Alliance. Logvinov has 24 patents to his credit and has been an invited speaker on multiple occasions.

Ad Hoc Committee Members:

Oleg Logvinov (Chair): Member, IEEE IoT Initiative Steering Committee; Past Member, IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group and Standards Board; President and CEO, IoTecha Corporation

Chuck Adams: IEEE-SA Past President, Corporate Advisory Group, and Patent Committee; Distinguished Standards Strategist, Huawei Technologies

Greg Adamson: President, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

Gordon Day: Past President, IEEE; Chair, IEEE Global Public Policy Committee

Roberto de Marca: Past President, IEEE

Steve Diamond: IEEE Computer Society Past President; IEEE Future Directions Committee Vice-Chair; Global Standards Officer, EMC Corporation

Konstantinos Karachalios: Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association

Deepak Maheshwari: Head, Government Affairs, India Region, Symantec Corporation

Glenn Parsons: IEEE-SA Board of Governors, Standards Board, and Corporate Advisory Group; Standards Advisor, Ericsson Canada

Ed Rezek: IEEE Technical Activities Board Committee Member

Tom Tierney: IEEE-USA

Mary Ward-Callan: Managing Director, IEEE Technical Activities

Program Management Office (PMO) Core Professional Staff:

Karen McCabe: Senior Director, Technology Policy & International Affairs, IEEE Standards Association

Chris Jannuzzi: Executive Director, IEEE Photonics Society and Technical Programs

Jim Wendorf: IEEE Internet Initiative Program Director, IEEE Standards Association