18 January 2017

The following is summary of the most recent IEEE Global Internet Governance Monitor report. To access the full reports containing additional details and other news items, please join the Internet Technology Policy Community on IEEE Collabratec.

Security researchers have this week uncovered a hacking attack on the energy network of Ukraine. In a repeat of last year’s attack the country was left without power during its coldest month – December. 
Elsewhere in Europe this week a new survey by job site Indeed has revealed that the Republic of Ireland posts the second most vacancies for cybersecurity roles in the world.
The European Commission has openly criticised the clarification provided by the USA regarding the practise of email scanning by Yahoo, stating that the clarficiation did not go far enough to allay concerns for the cyber privacy of EU citizens.
The EU has also this week delivered a presentation on the draft ePrivacy Regulation, further details of which can be found here.
In the United States, outgoing FCC chair Tom Wheeler has accused AT&T and Verizon of violating existing net neutrality rules through the use of paid data cap exemptions. 
The National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) has published a draft update to its cyber security framework. The update is designed to provide measurement methods to ensure effective cyber security.
On cyber privacy this week a legal case has been launched in Chicago into the constitutionality of the stingray surveillance device used by law enforcement. The case takes the form of a federal class-action lawsuit and is targeted specifically at the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.
Elsewhere the US and India have signed a new memorandum of understanding to futher consolidate existing cooperation on cyber security
Further international cooperation has been announced this week between China and Vietnam, following a strengthening of other areas in recent years.
In China the National Information Security Standardisation Technical Committee has released a call for comment as it looks to implement improved standards for cyber security. The submission deadline is 20.02.17.
In institutional news ICANN has announced its first capacity building workshop with members of the African GAC. In Europe the EU commission has announced a public consultation in support of the current review of ENIA the EU’s Network and Information Security Agency.